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Android Development: DDMS perspective

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Don’t forget DDMS perspective in Eclipse. It’s the best way to pull/push files, and you can screen capture your android phone, so easily!

For example, to push files on the emulator, go to
Eclipse->Window->Open Perspective->DDMS

there is sdcard folder with d–rxrwx permissions
drag and drop audio or other files with all possible extensions.

Google Phone: It’s real

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

The long awaited google phone is finally materializing and today Google gave them to its employees to test out:

Google Releases Experimental Phone to Employees:

This is the phone I want. I need an unlocked phone, with data plan only, can run Skype to make calls, to be open-source based, can run Java. Google phone looks like, finally, my dream phone.

I like iphone/ipod, but I do not like the way that all is prepriotary. I don’t want to buy another pc/notebook to develop iphone apps running in a mystery OS uisng Object C. Wifi and Skype do not work well too. I hate they exclude Java programs from their OS and Steve Jobs’s rediculous comments about Java.

Did I mention that you can use your sd card to expand your storage without paying bigger bucks? Better than iPhones too!