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iWebkit and YUI in action

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

Chinese grouping exercises.

Which are the animals?
Drag them to the green box.

Group objects. Drag objects so they belong to the same group.
Return to the original location if they are not.

Google Phone: It’s real

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

The long awaited google phone is finally materializing and today Google gave them to its employees to test out:

Google Releases Experimental Phone to Employees:

This is the phone I want. I need an unlocked phone, with data plan only, can run Skype to make calls, to be open-source based, can run Java. Google phone looks like, finally, my dream phone.

I like iphone/ipod, but I do not like the way that all is prepriotary. I don’t want to buy another pc/notebook to develop iphone apps running in a mystery OS uisng Object C. Wifi and Skype do not work well too. I hate they exclude Java programs from their OS and Steve Jobs’s rediculous comments about Java.

Did I mention that you can use your sd card to expand your storage without paying bigger bucks? Better than iPhones too!