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Touchpad: first impressions

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

While Ipad 2 is so light and slim, HP’s touchpad is even thicker than ipad1 with no rear camera and tried to sell at the same price with very few apps, no wonder this thing did not fly.

That said, the webOS multitasking is very impressive. I do like its email program better than any smartphones and tablets. I am expecting being a professional rather than consumer tablet, its Quickoffice should work like a charm. But so far I’m a bit disappointed. the virtual keyboard is really nice, by the way.

P. S.: after I posted this via touchpad s WordPress app, I am surprised to find the post was lost. It did not show up on my blog! After some digging after I logged into my blog via web browser, I finally found this baby. Fortunately it did not get lost. You know what, when I published this post using touchpad WordPress app, it got published on 1999. I have to search my posts using keyword touch to dig this post out via web ui.