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Monday, July 5th, 2010


通过email传来的《文明小史》等PDF文件无法在ipad,ipod 和我的XP 电脑上test-pdf阅读,所以应该是email 所传pdf 文件本身的问题。


进一步测试表明,用我刚刚生成的pdf文件,在ipad上作为email附件阅读没有问题,ezshare PDF阅读器或者用浏览器看都没有问题。

Nokia N900: some of my random thoughts so far

Monday, July 5th, 2010

I bought this one from The touch screen is not that responsive. The programs are freezing very often. No sensible apps at all.

Hold buying this device. Its UI design is wierd. No search function for your apps downloaded/installed.

Surprized to see so hyped reviews about this device and regret buying it after reading those reviews…

Thank you Google for your encouragement

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

I just found that my blog was recognized by Google as PR 1. Thanks Google for your encouragement.

I’ll keep up and work hard to write what I found out… And thanks also go to my readers. Your suggestions are always welcomed here.

新年 New year

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

在匆匆旅途中迎来了圣诞, 和新的一年 。华盛顿让我们感受到了白色圣诞的魅力。

这是我第四次华盛顿之旅。前三次是家庭之旅,这一次是高中同学的聚会。四次均是在冬季,主要是参观博物馆,这一次我们还去了宾州的滑雪场 - 这倒让我们想起了夏天在chattahoochee河上的漂流。我们从覆盖着积雪的高坡上滑下, 惊叫着,一直触到坡底。老二妙妙也乐此不疲,玩了一遍又一遍还是毫无倦意。

从同学的脸上, 读出自己岁月的流痕。二十年未见,遽然在异域相遇,有说不出的喜悦。我们回味着家乡美食,年少时的种种趣事,时光宛若倒流至从前。


Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Shame on me… I created a task in my Outlook named “regramding” that was due Friday morning at 8 am and I could not recall what that means!

I don’t know what I have missed but I just could not remember what this note is about. It is a mistery what I had missed and what this task/reminder is… No shortcut next time and a lesson learned.