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Driver License Renewal Experience

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

I drove to beaver ruin road and had my driver license renewed. It took about over an hour during lunch time. My suggestion is to bring your pen as pens are fixed to desks and you need to be in line to get a pen!

If you are a green card holder Georgia DOT have their own interpretations now, that is, your expiration date becomes your exam/renewal date, NOT your birth date any more, which in my opinion is not following the law.

First federal law says that you have the same rights as citizens only you cannot vote, that’s it. Georgia law says your expiration date can not exceed your authorized stay. Neither of them says GC holders will have exam date as their expiration date while citizens always default to birth date as their expiration date. What’s the big deal you ask?

1) This is your right;

2) You paid the fee which covers until your birthday(which WAS your expiration date) last time when you renewed it. You are now double paying the time between your current exam/renewal date and your birthday if DOT so interprets;

3) It is important to have your birthday as your expiration date so you can easily remember, just like tags. (I ma going to renew them too, I’ll see if I was treated differently again)

So I went to DDS web site and filed a report like this:

My new driver license was assigned an incorrect expiration date at your 2211 Beaver Ruin Road DSS center. My green card expires in 2018. According to the law, my new driver’s license should expire to the maximum of my stay authorized so it should be my birthday in 2013, but it was assigned to 9/17/2013. The expiration date becomes the exam date, which has been always my birthday. I talked to the examiner and she said non-citizens will default to exam date instead of birthday, which was not true according to the law.

Can you correct my expiration date to my birthday in 2013 and mail me a new driver license card with new expiration date at my home address? Please email to MYEMAIL AT (email contact is preferred) and let me know. Thank you!

And here is the receipt from DDS website after I submitted the report:

Customer Feedback

At DDS “We C.A.R.E.”, so please tell us how we’re doing!
We need your feedback to assist us in continually improving our level of service to you.
Please select as many of the following options as you need to provide your input to us.
At least one selection is required.

Please do not send personal information such as passwords or social security numbers via this form. If you need specific information regarding your driver’s license
please contact DDS by phone or in person.

DDS would like to thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and recent experience with us. It is through customer feedback that we are able to determine our strengths and our weaknesses and improve upon both. THANK YOU!

I will look and see what they would say about this issue.