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Puppet show: the last dragon on earth

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

That is a great show. We watched the show in the first floor. Rather than the scene is the who stage as in second floor theater, this is a show with smaller stage but all the performance is centered in the middle of the area. There are rodded, stringed and shaded puppets and the show is all in side the castle area.

We also enjoyed the workshop to build a rodded dragon puppet with a string too. The museum is full of saseme street puppets create Jim Henson and his team.

Per performer Bluegrass from Vermont, Atlanta’s center for puppet arts are the only puppet center in the states. We are so lucky to have it here in Atlanta so kids can enjoy the great puppet shows in Atlanta.

To day I noticed that in iddition to member reserved seats in tows 1-4, row 5 is reserved for a kids birthday. What a good idea!