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Myvidoop: when will your plugin with Firefox 3.5 becomes availble?

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

After several weeks’ waiting I still did not see any progress regrading myviddop’s plugin with Firefox 3.5. So today I went to their web site’s contact support to send the following message (This is the second time I contacted them via their online form. No reply from the first one yet). (I wish Firefox has a feature to let us downgrade!)

Can you let us know when will your  plugin in for firefox 3.5 will become available. I can help develop it too.

I stopped using myvidoop after I upgraded to Firefox 3.5 weeks ago and there are many users like me who stopped using myvidoop because your plugin stops working with FF 3.5.


What I want from myvidoop

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

I am a heavy myvidoop user. This is a great tool to store passwords online. However, as my password list is getting larger, it loads slow and keep lots of duplicate passwords. So What I wnated most now is another plugin to remove duplicate entries - This makes it easy to merge databases and clean up (import, then remove).

If myvidoop is improving and listening to its users, here is the one.