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PagePlus Refill: KittyWireless vs PinCheap

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

I read a lot great information about PagePlus from kittywireless. The web site is not professional looking but it does have the most information about PagePlus prepaid program available in the internet. To show my appreciation, I chose to buy my next refill from kittywireless to at least give a try.

To be honest, the process is rediculously and unnecessarily complicated.

To me, I just wanted to get my PagePlus pin, pay by credit card and get the pin immediately and add it to my PagePlus account.

However, when in kittywireless, I had to do the following:

  • Verify my cell phone number
  • fill out a form with all my contact information along with my credit card info
  • you have to create a user account there
  • I have to provide a landline number so they can verify my address? (never have I done that with other e-commerce web site)
  • e-sign a form to do business with kittywireless (never have I done that with other e-commerce web site)
  • if you are a new customer, they cannot email you the pin
  • after i went through all this, the next day, I got the email saying that my transaction was cancelled because they could not verify my account/address. By the way, I used this credit card for years with any problem with other web sites
  • I wasted all my time creating this account and now I got nothing. That means, I WASTED all my time
Heck, I just wanted to pay my money, get my pin and add it to my account so I can make calls. Kittywireless does not understand e-commerce. When users wants to buy things online, they wanted it as soon as possible.
So here we had pincheap. It allows to do just that, no PagePlus phone number verification, no landline phone requirements(who has landline numbers those days anyway, are you NUTS?), no e-sign with a third-party web site, no…. just pay your bills, pin was shown in web site almost instantly. I then went to and applied my pin and voila, I have my PagePlus account refilled.
Just one small issue with pincheap, they list credit cards as one of the payment methods, howver, the web site could only work with paypal, from my experience with CHrome web browser. By the way, you have to disable pop-up blocking, otherwise payment would not work. (After you log into paypal, you still have the option to pay with a credit card though)
Lastly but most importantly, if you buy PagePlus $80 365-day 2000 minutes pin, kittywireless sells at $80 face value, while pincheap offers it at a discounted $74, which is really NICE!