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N900 and Google Voice

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

I really had a difficult time with Google Voice Plugin for conversations and contacts.

1. From conversations app, “send IM to” I cannot pick Google Voice from the IM account list, even if I configured GV correctly (saying “signed in”) in my VOIP and IM Accounts. So I cannot use GV IM/SMS

2. From Phone app/dialpad, after entering the number I want to reach, and select call type to be GV, I got “Internet Connection Required”. I tested with both WIFI and tmobile 3g and internet is working OK (with Onion Tor Routing enabled) and I can dial out using Skypw with no issues at all.

3. From system contacts, I have Call/IM/SMS thru GV, but all complains about “Internet Connection Required”, the same above.

4. In Wifi, I can get DialCentral to work. But not with my 3g. DialCentral always says “ is not accessible” instead of log me in. I cannot use DailCentral in 3g.

So I end up not being able to use The One Ring both WIFI and 3g, and not being able to use DialCentral if in 3g.

Any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated.

N900; PR 1.2, Maemo 5

N900 tips: how to activate scim-googlepinyin?

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

You installed it, but just could not make it work.

Trick: check if there’s a file called /etc/event.d/scim; If yes, just delete it. Wola, after that, CTL+SPACE, you’ll see Chinese characters prompted.

Nokia N900: A Bike Dashboard?

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Look at this:

Nokia N900 Becomes A Bike Dashboard

Bike Dashboard is a N900 device turned bicycle computer mounted on the handlebar of a bike with a number of sensors and features such as displaying speed, mapped routes with GPS, distance traveled, bike’s light control and even a horn.

To get more details, see:

Nokia N900

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Ended up buying it and try to see if I can integrate it with Google contacts, voice and maps. I am also trying to buy a data only plan to play with it.

I’d appreciate any inputs you might have on the above topics.

BTW, when you bought stuff from business), did Dell charge you a tax when you bought your N900 there online? I was surprised they did charge tax this time… They did not do this before ( a friend of mine confirmed this but he bought studd from Dell about a year ago; used to have legal issues regarding taxes collection for online orders), neither does

Sent an email to Dell, they automate the response saying they collect taxes for all states. In receipt it was noted as IVR??? What’s that?

By the way, talking about the shopping experience online with Surprisedly they only give you one chance to view the receipt, once you passed that page, you have nowhere to find a complete receipt! It took minutes, not seconds, for online order to show up in order history. You HAVE TO add your email again to ask them to notify you if they start shipping your phone.(I was a registered user with email address as log in. Did you hear me,

They did not automatically sent you an email right after the order. I have to manually input my email address to send the order confirmation page to my email address.

All in all, I like Amazon way better. I bought lots of stuff from and took for granted that I can always get my complete receipt any time, and that I should get a confirmation email the minute I placed the order. But all those do not happen at

Just a surprise to me as only deal with online orders. They have to do something to keep up with other e-commerce web sites.