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App store apps: How do they affect your life?

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

You cannot imagine how creative

app store apps

are. From flash cards, GPS location aware applications, alarm clocks, internet calls, instant messages, to travel guide, those apps are a given to our life. Because we carry our iphones/ipod touches everyday, they are helping our daily life in a positive way.

We are fortunate to live in a life that we could not even imagine when we were kids. We can communicate in a lot of ways. Whether is facebook, twitter, myspace, skype or msn. Now with iphone apps, we can carry all this in one little phone/pod. Think about it, isn’t it wonderful?

Fring is my favorite app so far. What is yours?

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Thursday, December 10th, 2009

我觉得 ipod touch/iphone 成功的地方在于,它成功地让人们在马桶上就能方便地写博客。

All cool editors in iphone/ipod touch

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

iPhone Editors and Blogging Apps

Wordpress(not Wordpress 2? Wordpress 2 requires 3.0 software), and lifecast are not available in US store.


WordPressScreen shot by J Kyrnin

I got this app to connect to my many WordPress blogs. It works fine on the one that uses the root as the blog. But the others I have that don’t I couldn’t get connected to. Frustrating. It also only seems to connect to one blog at a time, and I currently have 3 active WordPress blogs.

This app is free.



LifecastScreen shot by J Kyrnin

One of the nice features of LifeCast is how easy it is to connect to various different blogs and blog platforms. You can set up multiple blogs and maintain them all from this one app. The drawback being that while it is a nice looking tool that allows you to upload images to your blogs, when I tried to post something, it didn’t go live on my blog.

This app is free.


iPhone apps that bloggers will love

iPod Touch

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

JY got her iPod Touch (8GB) as an anniversary gift for her 10 year service with the company.

Just love this stuff. The design is light and sleek. Not only is it a media player, it is a computer too. iTunes podcasts and AppStore games are just part of the fun.

I am looking into expanding its computing power. Don’t forget, it has a computer in it and I wnated to extend its power.

First of all imagine I develop a Java application on it… I am requesting alcheMo for iPhone to use it to convert Java codes into iphone machine code.

Next, there are many cool apps I need to explore. For example, Orb, letting you remotely browse files in your your more powerful home PC:

This is a new world and there is a lot to learn, for fun.

iPhone SDK requires a Mac to develop (MacOS leopod and over), plus $99 to deploy it to iphone, which is not that cool. I’d rather use G1(google phone) is I really need a smart phone.

I also need a way to freely add files into iphone, so I can

  • read PDF/TXT files in ipod touch
  • read Ajax/javascript enabled LOCAL web pages I developed using safari (any other browsers it may support?)

Apple’s treatment to Java and Flash is really ridiculous, by the way.