iPod Touch

JY got her iPod Touch (8GB) as an anniversary gift for her 10 year service with the company.

Just love this stuff. The design is light and sleek. Not only is it a media player, it is a computer too. iTunes podcasts and AppStore games are just part of the fun.

I am looking into expanding its computing power. Don’t forget, it has a computer in it and I wnated to extend its power.

First of all imagine I develop a Java application on it… I am requesting alcheMo for iPhone to use it to convert Java codes into iphone machine code.

Next, there are many cool apps I need to explore. For example, Orb, letting you remotely browse files in your your more powerful home PC:


This is a new world and there is a lot to learn, for fun.

iPhone SDK requires a Mac to develop (MacOS leopod and over), plus $99 to deploy it to iphone, which is not that cool. I’d rather use G1(google phone) is I really need a smart phone.

I also need a way to freely add files into iphone, so I can

  • read PDF/TXT files in ipod touch
  • read Ajax/javascript enabled LOCAL web pages I developed using safari (any other browsers it may support?)

Apple’s treatment to Java and Flash is really ridiculous, by the way.

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